Liam Morrissey's Website

Welcome to my blog!

I am currently learning HTML and CSS. I intend to update this site (which I am developing without the aid of a CMS) as I learn. As the website develops I intend to have a sepearte blog about my life in general but for now I will only be blogging about coding and programming.

P.s. Once I've learned how to code using CSS and Javascript the website will, in theory, look less basic and dour.

As a little bit of fun I will include the song I am listening to when I start writing my latest blog entry, along with a note of the latest thing that I've watched. I may help to improve the tastes of people I have never even met!

I will try to update my coding blog as much as possible and if you have any feedback or comments about the blog, or website in general, please get in touch via my contact page