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30 March 2020 - My first post
1 April 2020 - Links and lists
8 April 2020 - Images, Images, Images
14 April 2020 - Turning tables

14 April 2020 - Turning tables

Chapter 6 of Mr Duckett's book is all about tables.

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No not those type of tables! Tables of data such as train timetables, league tabeles, ledgers etc. I've learned about various table tags, attribules and values which can be used when coding in HTML.

To test my learning I have recreted the current Premier League table (as at 14 April 2020), which has been this way since the whole country went into lockdown due to COVID-19:

Positions Team GP GD Points
1 Liverpool 29 45 82
2 Man City 28 37 57
3 Leicester 29 30 53
4 Chelsea 29 12 48
5 Man Utd 29 14 45
6 Wolves 29 7 43
7 Sheff Utd 28 5 43
8 Spurs 29 7 41
9 Arsenal 28 4 40
10 Burnley 29 -6 39
11 C Palace 29 -6 39
12 Everton 29 -9 37
13 Newcastle 29 -16 35
14 Southampton 29 -17 34
15 Brighton 29 -8 29
16 West Ham 29 -15 27
17 Watford 29 -17 27
18 AFC Bournemouth 29 -18 27
19 Aston Villa 28 -22 25
20 Norwich 29 -27 21

Please ignore the fact that West Ham are that close to relegation!

This chapter also taught me how to code in data cells that cover more than one row or column using either the rowspan or colspan attributes.

I haven't included any screenshots on this post as I have not used any of the table information that I've learned on my website (apart from this blog).

All in all the chapter was helpful but not that exciting and I am really looking forward to the next chapter which teaches you how to create forms in HTML. Make sure to check back to see what changes I've made!

8 April 2020 - Images, Images, Images

Chapter 5 covered images in HTML and if my learning and application has been successful you should now be able to see some images on my website. Exciting!

I am using Ipiccy (opens in a new window) to edit my photos. Its a decent image editor, its free and its compatible with Chromebooks, which is what I am using at present.

For all of the stock images used on my site I am using Unsplash (opens in a new window). They have a large selection of images available and the quality of each image is very high, which is great.

As promised in one of my earlier blog posts I have retrospectively added screen shots of the work that I did at each stage and I will continue to do this everytime I create a new blog post. Here are a couple of screenshots showing the images that I have managed to upload onto my website:

Screenshot of my image on website

Screenshot of cinema image on website

1 April 2020 - I'm loving links and lists

So the next two chapters of Jon Duckett's book are called Lists and Links.

First things first; Lists.

  1. I've learned
  2. how to code
  3. so that items
  4. will appear in numbered lists.
  5. These are called ordered lists.

I've also learned about definition lists but I don't think I will need to use these at present.

Secondly; Links. (I was very excited to learn how to include links in my site!)

I now know how to include links using both Absolute and Relative URL's. These are the respective URL's required when including links either for external websites or pages on your own site. So why was I so excited? My new found knowledge of links has enabled my to create seperate html pages for my website so that I can now include information on it's respective constituent webpage (you probably didn't realise but by clicking on the blog link at the top of the page you just utilised some of my new coding skills!)

Part of the links chapter also details how to create links to external sites (that open in new windows or tabs). With this in mind I have included the link to the Amazon page selling the books that I am using here (opens in a new window). Although I am only 4 chapters in I am finding the HTML & CSS book very helpful.

The other links that can be included on pages are those that enable users to jump to specific parts of the page. I have therefore included links at the top of the page which enable you to jump to each specific blog post and also one at the bottom of this page which enables you to jump to the top of the page, if necessary.

UPDATE - as promised I have added screenshots to show some of the changes that I made at the time that I composed my second post

Screenshot 1 showing changes made to my site

Screenshot 2 showing changes made to my site

Screenshot 3 showing changes made to my site

Screenshot 4 showing changes made to my site

Screenshot 5 showing changes made to my site

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30 March 2020 - My first post (as an aside the world is currently in lockdown!)

Welcome to my new, and at the moment, very basic website. Using the HTML & CSS design and build websites book created by Jon duckett I am attempting to teach myself website development skills. I am aiming to move onto javascript in the not too distant future.

I will take screen shots of my website to document my progress and I will upload these at such a time that my learning allows me to.

The first few chapters of Mr Duckett's book are focused on HTML and learning it's basics. I have therefore used the next paragraph as a testing ground for some of the points learned

I have learned quite a lot about the format of HTML text (headings, paragraphs etc) along with formatting elements. These include making text bold, italics, using Superscript (e.g. 1st) and subscript (e.g. CO2). I've even learned how to put in horizontal rule lines!

The most recent chapter is on semantic markup (you'll have to view the source code of this site to see if used any).

So, why I'm doing this? I am a qualified accountant from the UK with over 13 years of experience working in public practices and quite frankly I have had enough of the 9 to 5 lifestlye, and all it entails. I am keen to start a new career doing something I enjoy and I've always wanted to learn how to code and programme but I've never had the opportunity. So here I am.

In the words of the great Michael Jordan Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next update. Hopefully its not too long until I get onto CSS and can introduce a bit more polish to my site.

UPDATE - as promised I have added a screenshot of my website as at 30th March 2020 (not much to see really):

First screenshot of my website